As member of the Materials Technology Institute (MTI), Neotiss participated last week to EuroTAC fall session which was held in France. MTI is an association gathering 66 member companies in the chemical processing and oil & gas industries sharing their expertise to better meet the challenges they face in their industry.

At this occasion, Neotiss presented all the Non Destructive Technologies applied to welded tubes manufacturing technology: from the well-known NDTs (Eddy Current Testing, Ultrasonic testing, Hydraulic Testing, Air-Air and Air under Water leak tests) to the testings more recently developed by Neotiss to further enhance the sensitivity of the controls: in line helium leak-test, Multielements Eddy Current testing or Optical test.

Neotiss's presentation has been welcomed. It confirms Neotiss's position as a key technical player for the supply of thin welded tubes solutions and pioneers in advanced NDTS guaranteeing the integrity of welded tubes for demanding applications.

Neotiss presenting NDT welded tubes mti

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