At Fuqing site, very critical milestone has been passed for the Chinese new reactor "Hualong One" by proceeding at its first fuel charge. Hualong One is a third generation pressurized water reactor developed by CNNC and CGN using some of the latest developments. NEOTISS took an important part in the performance of the Moisture Separator Reheater ​(MSR) design by proposing its second generation of MSR tubes.

As a result of its Research and Development program, NEOTISS introduced on market new MSR tubes maximizing the heat transfer performance of the tubes.

In Nuclear environment, Safety is a must so our tubes have been controlled with the latest generation of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) ​that NEOTISS developed specifically for ​Nuclear tubes.

With this new reference in the Hualong One design, NEOTISS ​confirms its ​leadership in quality and performance.

More than 160 Moisture Separator Reheater are equipped with NEOTISS tubes worldwide making NEOTISS the world leader of Moisture Separator Reheater tubes fabricator.

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