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NEOTISS, world leader in thin welded tubes, serves industry markets from power generation and desalination to process, automotive or aerospace. We supply titanium and stainless steel tubes in a wide range of dimensions and designs. Tubes can be straight or U-bent and smooth or with enhanced surface (corrugated, low finned, helix and inner ribbed). Thanks to our extensive range of products, we can deliver the most suitable tube design for each type of application.

NEOTISS’ expertise goes “beyond the tube” and has extended its knowledge to high performance products for the harshest environments. Our teams are able to provide tubes that can sustain seawater, brackish water or corrosive products with outstanding durability and reliability.

Founded in 1976, NEOTISS, whose consolidated revenue stands at approximately €100 million, has long list of worldwide references. Our greatest pride and responsibility is to meet and exceed customer expectations, finding the best solution to support their business and projects. Every order is tailored to meet all requirements including a variety of specifications and services along the value chain.

Client proximity is also one of our goals. Thanks to our worldwide factory network in five countries on three continents, we are close to customers all around the world enabling response to their needs and offering the most appropriate product ranges and services.

Furthermore, NEOTISS endeavors to develop research and create innovative solutions. Our R&D team commits every day to deploy extensive research program. We especially focus on enhancing the performance and longevity of our tubes in the toughest environments, as well as optimizing the production process, including non destructive testing methods and premium packaging solutions. Among NEOTISS innovations, our latest borne is NEOTISS™ Helix Tube, designed to maximize heat transfer performance during condensation in steam surface condenser applications. We are not afraid of challenges and always push further to bring customers unmatched assistance for optimal quality.

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