NEOTISS has upgraded its welding equipment in Changzhou to expand its product range and improve its productivity.

A laser welding line has been installed in October 2015 and will allow to offer a wider range of welded stainless steel tubes with heavier wall thickness up to 2 mm.

Changzhou plant already has a long list of references of stainless steel welded tubes with a thickness up to 1.2 mm mainly in austenitic stainless steel material. With this laser line, the plant will be able to offer welded tubes with heavier wall thickness and more tubes in ferritic and duplex material for new markets such as HP FeedWater Heaters for nuclear power plants and new process applications. Thus, NEOTISS is extending its localized offer for Chinese Nuclear Market, adding HP FeedWater Heaters to already existing localized production for titanium condensers, stainless steel condensers as well as LP FeedWater Heaters. Two first orders were just finalized on the laser line in the Changzhou plant, in 304 and 316 stainless steel materials with thicknesses of 1.2 mm and 2.00 mm.

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