Neotiss signed a major contract with General Electric to manufacture and deliver more than 3000 km of welded tubes for Hinkley Point C EPR nuclear power plant project.

Neotiss will produce the titanium welded tubes for condenser and auxiliary equipments and the stainless steel welded tubes for the Moisture Separator Reheater and the Feedwater Heaters in its French mill in Burgundy. This mill has been created 40 years ago in 1976 to accompany the French Nuclear Program.

The UK government signed Hinkley Point C contract in September 2016 with EDF Energy and its Chinese partner CGN. This project marks the rebirth of nuclear energy in the UK and in Europe. The two Hinkley Point C nuclear reactors will supply 7 percent of the future power generation needs of the country, with 3.2 Giga Watts.

Once again, this contract confirms Neotiss’s leading position in the supply of thin welded tubes solutions for critical and demanding applications.



 Neotiss Hinkley Point C 1


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