On January 22nd, in Nagasaki, Japan, Neotiss took part in the "Ekiden" relay run, organized by our customer Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System (MHPS) Nagasaki. 
The race, which is run over 24 kilometers, has been organized for the last 70 years by MHPS and the suppliers of its Nagasaki industrial site. This year, 260 six-person teams took part in the event.
The two members of Neotiss teamed up with our Japanese agent Morimura Brothers and joined our customer MHPS Material Procurement Section.
Neotiss is participating to this event for the fourth time and it always offers us the chance to strengthen our ties with MHPS, in a fun and original setting.

 Neotiss participation to MHPS Ekiden 1



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